Certified Repair Station #A14R244N

1216 North Road, Lyons, WI 53148


Aero-Fabricators saves you money on all exhaust system repairs! Ship your defective system today for fast, efficient, low cost service backed by Aero-Fabricators 43 years of experience, full FAA certification backed by our full guarantee. Our standard repair includes component part replacements necessary to return your unit to service (yellow tagged). Meets and exceeds original specs. Most systems received are repairable by our qualified, certified specialists. Our 1 year warranty includes unlimited hours. Header stacks, collectors, muffler shrouds and tailpipes not listed are repairable at our reasonable shop rates. Service includes slip joint replacement, flanges where necessary, crack repair and all work necessary to return the unit to service. We repair most stainless steel systems for piston type engines and turbo’s, including Elano, Hanlon-Wilson, etc. (Bellow replacement not available.) NOTE: On a slipjoint, close tolerance fit requires sending all connecting components for correct sizing. Ship your defective units via UPS or parcel post to Aero Fabricators, P.O. Box 181, 1216 North Rd., Lyons, WI 53148 for immediate repair. When shipping, include full name and address, telephone number and complete instructions for repair and return. All Code 4